Kaycee & Scott ~ directly from the bride’s mouth

Jim Byrd Photography, Oak Knoll Ranch, country wedding, Oak Knoll Ranch wedding photographer

I always ask our couples, after the wedding, if we can blog about their day.  I will send out a questionnaire for them to complete, which I will rewrite to make it both entertaining & informative for all who read our blog.  What I got back from Kaycee & Scott was something special.  So rather than try to improve on something that is perfect already, I’m going to give it to you straight from the bride & groom.  Have a tissue handy, you may need it!

Jim Byrd Photography, Oak Knoll Ranch, country wedding, Oak Knoll Ranch wedding photographer

1)   Where was it?  Ceremony?  Reception?  Why you picked those places?

The ceremony was at Oak Knoll Ranch as well as the reception. I saw this venue in a magazine about a year and a half before I even got engaged and knew it was one to keep my eye on. Although, I took a look at other venues, Oak Knoll Ranch’s country charm and elegance could not be beat. Scott always wanted a country wedding, as did I, and we knew this place was perfect.

2)   Theme or style?

Our theme was definitely rustic/country. It was burlap and lace galore in that venue the day of the wedding. All the decorations were hand made. So Hobby Lobby trips were a must. I’m pretty sure that store made a whole years’ quota just from what we bought there!

3)   Bride’s dress?  Where did you get it, who was the designer?

I was fortunate enough to get my dress at Bridals by Stella in Plano, Texas. Three months prior to looking at dresses, I found a dress online that I absolutely loved. The designer is Stella York. I loved all of her dresses. Everyone knows though that what something looks like online may not look the same on you as it does on the model. I searched high and low for that dress and went to multiple stores. There were two other dresses that I was considering, but I knew that I would regret not trying on that dress and picking out another one. Two more stores later, still no sight of the dress. The last appointment I had was with Bridals by Stella and before we even made our way to the store we called to see if they had the dress. To our surprise, they had it!!! Right when we got there, the dress was already in the dressing room. I took a look around and grabbed others. About twelve dresses later, I saved the best for last. Sure enough, it was the perfect dress. Everyone had tears in their eyes, even my bridal consultant Jo. I felt absolutely beautiful. Oh, and I can’t forget the custom made cathedral veil either. We had lace ordered that matched the dress to put on the veil.  (Unfortunately, Bridals by Stella closed in July)


4)   Bride’s shoes?  Where did you get them, why those, designer?

What goes better with a country themed wedding than boots?!?!?! All of our wedding party wore boots. Not only are these shoes comfortable during the ceremony, but also for dancing at the reception. I cannot remember where we ordered them from, but I remember it being such a hassle because I have the biggest calves. This is why my boots had a lower shaft on them. All I know is it took months and months to finally decide on a pair. I also let everyone in my bridal party wear whatever boots they wanted, just as long as they weren’t drastic colors.

5)  Jewelry & accessories:    Necklace/earrings/where you found them, etc

I actually wanted to go with vintage jewelry, so I picked pearl earrings, bracelet, and matching necklace at Kohls. I didn’t want anything too fancy, and these fit just perfect with the dress.

6)  Hair & Makeup:  Both yours & your girls,

My sister, Kyla Radford, did all the girl’s makeup including mine. She did an amazing job! Even though we were running a little behind schedule because she is a perfectionist, everything ended up working out perfectly!

All of our hair was done by my hairdresser of many years, Robin Cheek. Weeks before, I sent her pictures of what all the girls wanted and she definitely did not fall short. Her and her friend Angie did an amazing job! I would recommend her to anyone.

7)  Groomsmen:   where the tux’s came from, etc.

The guys got their tuxedos from Al’s Formal Wear. Scott got his suit from prom there and they did a really good job, so we went with them. Scott’s one request with the tux’s was that they couldn’t be high waters on any of the guys and they had to look good with boots. We actually fought back and forth on whether he should wear a colored tie. He suggested wearing white tie to stand out, but I thought it would look bad. Well, he got his way.

Jim Byrd Photography, Oak Knoll Ranch, country wedding, Oak Knoll Ranch wedding photographer

9)  Flowers:  what they were, and of course, who did them for you

My wedding coordinator, Denise Morrow (Meant to Bee), made beautiful bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. All of which had our flowers yellow roses, white roses, and daisies. We also had baby’s breath in the centerpieces of each table along with inside the mason jars lining the aisle. I felt that these flowers looked great all put together.

Jim Byrd Photography, Oak Knoll Ranch, country wedding, Oak Knoll Ranch wedding photographer

14) Most memorable moment of the day & why

My most memorable moment from my wedding day is very hard to choose. If I could only mention one thing it would be when my dad walked me down the aisle and seeing Scott’s reaction to seeing me for the first time. I remember the little details such as walking down the aisle trying not to step on my cathedral veil and long train, my dad trying to make me laugh as I held back tears, and the crowd sobbing as I passed them. Most of all I remember Scott falling to his knees as I walked through those doors. His reaction was one of the most emotional I have ever witnessed of a groom seeing his bride. I tried to hold back tears as well and realized after seeing pictures that I, for one, do not have the best crying face. When I reached Scott, tears were streaming down his face to the point where his nose was running also. I took the time to wipe his nose during the ceremony with the tissue I wrapped around my bouquet. I also remember him stuttering on his vows due to the fact that he was so nervous and had just finished crying his eyes out. I would not change one thing about this day!

Everyone told me not to focus on who is in the crowd, but instead look straight at Scott and see his reaction to seeing you. I for one will never ever forget that moment.

Jim Byrd Photography, Oak Knoll Ranch, country wedding, Oak Knoll Ranch wedding photographer

8)  Wedding favors:  did you have any, if so, why those, where they came from, etc.

Because my mom and I had a year and a half to plan, the list of wedding favors kept growing. New ideas kept coming and coming. We had candy bags with an assortment of candy, flip flops for dancing, two different designs of koozies (one for the girls that I designed and one for the guys that Scott designed), personalized mason jars with each guest’s name to take home, and we also had the photo booth with props. Pictures last a lifetime, so the photo booth became a really big hit!

12)  Food & Drink:  who was your caterer, what was your menu, why that food?  what special drinks if any

For food we decided to do pork tenderloin, chicken fried chicken, and chicken fried steak. The sides we had were loaded mashed potatoes, rolls, green beans, and a salad. All of which were delicious! The drinks we had during the ceremony were lemonade, sweet tea, and lime punch. Apparently a party wouldn’t be a party without alcohol! We can’t forget the two kegs full of Shiner Bock and Coors Light. We also had strawberry daiquiris and regular margaritas. All of which were about gone once the reception was over. I’m not much of a drinker myself, but man the strawberry daiquiri was amazing. I had to make sure I ate a little something or else I would have been drunk at my own wedding!  (Caterer & bartender was Lonesome Spur Catering, Taylor Rentals provided the linens & margarita machines.)

11)  Invitations & stationary:  who made them or where you got them done, etc

Both of my save the dates and invitations were created by Miss Katelyn Curry. She is one of my best friends and graduated a couple of years ago from Hardin-Simmons University. The same University I graduated from. She is currently working as a graphic designer in Abilene, Texas and does photography on the side. This girl is very talented! She is trying to build her clientele in order to get her company Lil Black Dog Design off the ground. I have gotten so many compliments on our save the dates and invitations and am very happy with how they turned out.

She currently does not have a website, but her email is lilblackdogdesign@yahoo.com. Some of her stuff is on Etsy as well.

Jim Byrd Photography, Oak Knoll Ranch, country wedding, Oak Knoll Ranch wedding photographer

10)  Cakes:  who made them, what flavors, etc

Scott lives for sweets. If he could eat cake for any meal of the day he definitely would. When doing our cake tasting we couldn’t decide on just two flavors, so instead we decided on five different ones. My cake flavors were white chocolate raspberry and strawberry velvet and Scott chose Italian cream for his cake. We could not forget the classic flavor of chocolate and also the lemon so we added these as cupcakes. We definitely went all out on the sweets for our wedding, but I guess that’s what a lot of people remember the most. Therefore, we had a little something for everyone!  (Creative Cakes by Monica)

13)  Your honeymoon:  where, why, & when? 

Scott and I decided to go to Kona, Hawaii for our honeymoon. We had a big discussion about where to go because I love cold places and he loves hot places. The beaches are more his style while the slopes and mountains are mine. I had been to Hawaii before so I knew it was worth the long plane ride. He has never really been out of the state, so I told him go big or go home. When we decided on Hawaii our parents felt a little uneasy about us traveling so far on our own, but I told them “atleast we are staying within the United States, even if it is further away than Mexico”. They did like the fact that everyone spoke English there as well as drove on the same side of the road.

We left for the hotel right after the reception on the 21st of May and woke up about 3 am the next morning to catch our first plane to Hawaii. Needless to say we were exhausted, but at least we got to sleep on the 6.5 hour plane ride.

This trip was one for the books! We took tons of pictures with our new camera, went to black sand beach, coffee plantations, helicopter tours, volcanoes, and lastly we rode ATVs to the waterfalls and through the rainforest. We had a blast and cannot wait to go back!!

15)  DJ, Limo, wedding coordinator, and any other vendors you used

Thank you to all the vendors that made this special day possible!!! I couldn’t have done it without yall!!! I am recommending all of yall to my friends and family when they get married in the future.

Our DJ was John Pollard of FX Entertainment

Our videographer was David Thomas of  Video One Productions

Yours truly photographed the engagements, bridals & wedding!!



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