Suzie & Randie

Persistence is the name of the game for Randie.  Back in 2008, he was in Nacogdoches, Tx working for Budweiser.  Not having been there long, nor knowing too many people, he went to a company sponsored concert in Banita Creek Park with his secretary.  She brought her roomate.  One look, and Randie was hooked.  But Suzie was dating someone at the time, and refused all his advances.  For 3 months, he kept bugging his secretary, until finally, Suzie was single!

She gave in to one of his many facebook requests for her number, and agreed to their first date.  That was all the encouragement Randie needed, and he has not let her go since.  Suzie, feels the same, because over the months & years, through vacations, camping trips, family events and even a friend’s untimely passing, she has stuck by his side.

After her graduation from SFA, Randie knew he needed to make a move, and asked permission from her dad.  Of course, he got all the blessings needed, so now he needed to come up with the right proposal at the right time.  He even bought the ring, and kept it for months on end, waiting for just the right time to come.  Finally, September 24, 2011 they drove by the park were they had first met.  Could that be a sign?  Randie took it as one.  But wait, the park was closed for a private party!  So, a bit later that night, while driving around with Lucy, their dog, they decided to check out the new pavallion the park had added.

This was it, he just knew……with his heart thudding in his chest, he started to drop to his knees, only to remember, he left the ring in the truck!!  Quick thinking, and “wrong  leash” for Lucy allowed him to rush back to the truck to get the ring.  But when he returned, Suzie turned to him and said “if we ever get married, I want it to be right here!”

Randie fell to one knee, saying “I can’t promise we can get married here, but how about getting engaged here?”  You guessed the answer to that one, right?

Now, these two are busy planning their wedding for October, and a honeymoon in Hawaii!

Teresa - July 17, 2012 - 6:18 pm

Awesome pictures! Great location! Most all……great subjects!

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